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Delaware County Victim Assistance Center

Serving survivors of sexual assault and other crimes since 1974

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Our Mission

Delaware County Victim Assistance Center addresses the effects of trauma on the community and on the individual. We empower and give voice to those who have experienced trauma through sexual assault and other serious crimes. We promote healing and justice by providing accompaniment and advocacy, and we strive to prevent sexual violence through education and awareness.

Our Vision

A model victims services organization, striving for excellence in all efforts, collaborating to inclusively serve the community to be free of sexual assault and other victimization, through education, social justice, healing, and empowerment.

Our Values

These values are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable in every aspect of our work and relationships — both internally and externally, with individuals, groups, and organizations.


Treating clients and colleagues in a way that shows that they matter and are valued


Being aware of and sensitive to the experiences and emotions of our clients and community members, without judgement


Giving clients a voice and opportunity to make their own decisions; ensuring staff have input into their work community and own professional development


Showing our commitment to work and clients by keeping our word and following through

Excellence in Service

A commitment to providing comprehensive services, while advancing the standards of client care